About Celebration Florida

Celebration Florida is a quaint little town in the middle of Osceola county just minutes from Walt Disney World. With a cute little main street, walking trails throughout the neighborhood, and small town feel, Celebration is a fantastic spot to invest in real estate in Orlando.

Celebration is the town that Disney built. It was designed as a town that would allow Walt Disney World employees to live and play in a beautiful small town atmosphere just minutes away from where they worked. Now Celebration is home to all types of professionals from varying fields, not just Walt Disney World cast members.

Homes in Celebration have a Classic Victorian or Colonial Revival feel to them–a departure from the modern-day stucco Florida style homes. Soft blue, muted greens, and off white hues pepper the streets of Celebration adding to the small-town Americana vibe of the neighbor. Impeccably manicured yards line the streets and highlight the subtle differences from home to home. Plus, you won’t find any cars parked in the front drive ways of these homes because the neighborhood is designed with the garage and drive way in the back of the house so the front yard is the star.

The neighborhood is very fitness friendly as there are multiple walking paths throughout the neighborhood. Residents and guests can follow sidewalks that weave in and out of small area ponds found in abundance throughout the neighborhood. One main walking path that jettison’s out from the center of town lines a canal way where walkers, joggers, and bikers can peak at the magnificent back yards of the town’s wealthiest homes.

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In the center of town, there is a small main street area that is home to multiple restaurants and small businesses. In fact, Viva Orlando’s office is located right in the center of the beautiful downtown area. After you visit us to inquire about your next home purchase, you can stop by one of the many restaurants in the area for a quick bite to eat, or browse one of the many shops and boutiques that live right on Main Street. On Sundays, a trip to the farmer’s market is in order. Residents can purchase fresh produce or artisan wears from one of the dozens of vendors who attend weekly.

Holidays are celebrated with that special small town touch in Celebration too! The fourth of July has a large explosive firework show downtown. Fall brings the cooler weather, and with it a pumpkin patch so residents can get that perfect pumpkin for their front door. There is even snow in the winter time (in Florida none-the less!). Each evening during the month of December the downtown area turns into a winter wonderland with a fun “snow” fall for everyone to enjoy.

Just like anything Disney does, Celebration was designed and built with the experience of the guest in mind. Luckily, guests in Celebration don’t have to leave, and can call this beautiful small town community “home” year around. It’s the perfect place to purchase real estate in Orlando.

If you are interested in learning more about real estate in Celebration or any neighborhoods in the Orlando area, please contact We will be happy to help you find the perfect home to meet your needs.