The Best-Performing Orlando Vacation-Rental Homes

Let’s talk about the super-sized vacation homes

While, in the past, properties with four to six bedrooms were the norm when buying vacation homes in Central Florida, in today’s market, supersized spaces are quickly outselling smaller properties as these big homes are exactly what international and domestic customers have been looking for. According to the Orlando Sentinel, multi-generational travel in the U.S. is increasing. Baby boomers are driving the demand, as they want both their kids and swarms of grandkids to vacation with them.

Demand is booming for massive homes with eight to fifteen bedrooms — and is outpacing the supply in the current market. Over the past 2 years, the need for vacation homes with 8+ rooms has skyrocketed.

This is an excellent opportunity for investors, as when big families travel, they want to find a space where they can all stay in one location. Vacation homes offer a competitive advantage: both with accommodation and pricing options that are very attractive to this particular market; the head-in-bed price is much better than a traditional hotel can offer, which makes them a very competitive and lucrative alternative option.

Viva Orlando has a variety of 8+ bedroom homes in some of the most sought after communities in Osceola County. Because these new construction communities are only minutes away from Disney World and other major area theme parks, visitors looking for vacation homes are seeking out more places to rent in these high demand communities.

Are massive vacation homes the right investment for you? Here’s a look at some of the most in demand communities in the Disney area.

Solara Resort:

This an amazing, privately gated community is just minutes from Disney. These homes offer an amazing contemporary design. Vacation homes offered in this community range from 4-10 bedrooms. Find out more about Solara Resort.

Windsor at Westside:

Just seven miles west of Disney,Find homes with 4-9 bedrooms. These homes are ideal for multi-generation vacationing families. Supply can’t keep up with demand for vacation rentals in this community. Find out more about Windsor at Westside

The Retreat at Champions Gate:

This gated community has reached a great name and continue growing very popular amongst guests traveling to the Orlando area. You can find homes in this community ranging from 5-9 bedrooms. Find out more about Champions Gate

If you’re not sure if a supersized vacation home is the right choice for you, contact the experts at Viva Orlando to find out more. In addition to helping you purchase your next vacation home, we also have solutions to help you manage it as a rental property when you’re ready to make back your investment on your purchase. Please contact Milena Valle ( for more information!

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