Things to know when selling your house in Florida

Florida is an attractive destination for international home buyers, many looking for investment opportunities, while others look for a vacation home so they have a place to call home. Our region includes Orlando, the most visited city in the United States.

Buying and selling a property can be a complicated process, and it pays off to be well informed. If you have a property here, and would like to sell it, here are some important tips:

The property must be in good condition

When you decide to sell, the property must be in the best condition possible, as this will positively impact the value of the property and will make it more attractive to potential buyers. If cleaning or essential repairs are necessary, it is good to do it before you place it on the market.

Get to know the area’s housing market

To get the best value for your property, it is important to evaluate the current housing market at the time you are trying to sell it. This will help you to list the home at a fair and attractive price, and even to sell it faster.

Hire a licensed real estate agent in Florida

Your agent will guide you all the way through the sale process, from listing to closing. They will also take care of the market analysis, promoting your property, showing it to potential buyers and coordinating the entire process of the sale contract until it is closed. To work with an agent, you will need to sign a listing agreement with details about the duration of the listing, the selling price and the commission you’ll pay to the agent at closing.

Know your obligations as an owner

You must provide all documentation and information available about your property, in addition to paying closing costs and any other pending payment from the home. If you cannot be present at the time of closing, you must notify in advance.

Understand the purchase-sale contract

Once a written purchase offer has been accepted and the buyer has sent in the deposit, the formal process begins. This deposit, by law in Florida, goes directly to a Title Company, where the closing will also take place. When that legal purchase-sale contract is signed, both parties have responsibilities: you as seller will deliver the property free of liens, on the agreed date (which is usually the day of closing) and the buyer will make arrangements and the payments required for the purchase (this may or may not include a mortgage loan).

Selling or buying a property in Florida is a highly regulated process, so hiring real estate experts is recommended. At Viva Orlando Realty, our team of real estate experts have extensive experience representing international sellers, and are here to guide you to have a stress free transaction.