Top 5 reasons to buy a property in Orlando, now

Everybody knows that Orlando is a Top-notch Tourism Center and an ideal destination to visit. Tourism officials from Visit Orlando announced in May 2019, a historic milestone for the U.S. travel industry as Orlando received 75 million annual visitors in 2018. The increase of 4.2% over the prior year once again solidifies Orlando’s lead position as America’s most-visited destination.

But our city is not only a wonderful place to vacation. Orlando is on the rise and it has become a residential destination for people of all ages that move here from all over the world. We have diverse array of communities, winning-award education system, great technological facilities, extensive business opportunities, numerous shops and state-of-the-art health centers.

Its reputation as a meeting place for scientists, aerospace employees, artists and renowned chefs continues to attract more people to live here permanently.

This has also made us the perfect destination to buy a property, even for people who do not plan to move immediately to our city. There are many reasons for this, and here I share with you the top 5 ones:

1-The real estate market is recovered and continues to grow. Even if you do not plan to move immediately, this is the best time to take advantage of the current prices that will rise as time goes by.

2-In our city there is great demand for rent. If you do not intend to live your property at this time, you can rent it in a long term basis and receive rental income, while your house continues increase its value.

3-The growth of Orlando is unstoppable. Each time we will have more attractions; many international companies has presence here, the city is a top location for entrepreneurs and there will be more demand for properties, (the value of these will increase). According to the US Department of Labor, the city is # 1 for four consecutive years in job growth (2014-2018) and in 2018, it was the # 4 fastest growing in the United States, according to Forbes.

4-It also has a great infrastructure that further enhances the quality of life, including fantastic roads, multiple sports and recreation programs and the Central University of Florida, which has become the largest in the United States this year. Expansions are being made at the International Airport, on the important I-4 highway and we will soon have a train that will connect Orlando and Miami.

5-A great advantage is our favorable weather and the lifestyle is a quiet and very organized. There are strict codes that must be met to maintain the order of the communities and the exterior of the properties clean and in optimal conditions. Also you will notice that we have abundance of green areas around the entire city; for all these things we are known as “The City Beautiful”.

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