6 Ways to Help Your Older Vacation Home Compete with New Developments and Win!

The Orlando vacation rental market is booming! All over the attractions area new developments are popping up. While new vacation communities are being established everywhere, there is still plenty of opportunity to rent your older home to the growing number of vacationers who want to stay in vacation rentals while they stay in Orlando.

Your older home can compete in the market place if you keep up with some key details. You want to create an experience for your customers so you build a loyal base that will come back to your home year after year.

Here are our tips to help your vacation home stand out amongst the competition:

• Update Furniture Periodically
While the bones of the home might be perfectly fine, after about three years, it’s time to update the interior design. If you rent out your home to multiple families a year, the furniture is going to take a beating.

A décor refresh can really make the home feel brand new again. Many commercial hotels update periodically too. Guests want to feel comfortable in your home and older, worn out furniture can make your home look like you don’t care about their experience.

• Don’t Skimp on Amenities:

Great amenities will help your home stand out. This includes bigger TVs with sound systems, video game systems (with a library of games), and free Wi-Fi.

If you have the space, think about additional amenities like home theaters and game rooms.

Little touches like personalized welcome notes or gift baskets of fresh fruits for the stay stand out too. The little details create a better guest experience.

If you feel intimidated by new homes popping up in the Orlando area, remember there are plenty of things you can do for your own older vacation home that will keep it fresh, up to date and desirable to customers for years to come.

• Décor Details Create a Luxurious Experience

An empty home is like an empty canvas waiting to be filled. If you add new furniture, you’ve only created the first layer of the finished home. To really craft the overall atmosphere, you need to make sure bring everything together with finishing touches.

A few key decor items placed around the home can bring a whole room to life. For art, make sure you find tasteful, professional pieces that help create an upscale and elegant look.

In addition, make sure to provide good quality linens. Comfortable beds and linens are part of a luxury hotel experience and to stand out, it is not something you want to skimp on.

• Regular Maintenance and Quality Checks Between Stay is a Must

When guests arrive to your vacation home, first impressions are very important. Make sure before their reservation you do regular maintenance checks of the home or hire a third party to do it for you.

You should check that the appliances are in working order, the home is clean, bedding is changed, and the landscaping is trim so the outside of the home looks inviting.

The last thing a guest wants when they excitedly enter your home is to deal with problems or feel uncomfortable because of an unkempt home.

• Stand Out with Superior Customer Service

Great customer service can make you stand out from the completion. If you don’t have the time to handle the details on your own, you can hire a property management company like our sister company Casa Floridian.

Vacation homes can vary greatly and customers want to know that they can get problems solved immediately if one arises. Plus, if you make standard procedures, like check in and check out simple, guests will come want to do business again.

When you provide excellent customer service, you build loyal clientele that will come back year after year because of how easy and problem free you make it.

• Say Thank You and Build Loyalty

Another great customer service detail is to send a thank you letter a week after your guests check out. In it, thank them for staying at your home and offer discounts for future stays for them and for friends and family they might refer to your home.

Not only is this a great marketing piece, but it also is a wonderful way to remind guests how much they enjoyed their vacation. Happy people give great referrals!

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