About Milena Valle, Broker for Viva Orlando Realty, Inc.

Growing up in El Salvador, Milena is no stranger to adversity. As a survivor of war, earthquakes, poverty and all that entails, Milena learned how to face challenges at a young age. Raised by a strong mother, who instilled the values of hard work, integrity, and care for others, Milena developed a strong sense of self and the motivation to help others achieve all of their potential.

Milena has been selling since she was seven years old. She earned a degree in business management and studied hospitality in Barcelona, Spain before eventually moving to America where she worked at a vacation rental company developing international business.

At her job there, Milena learned how many people had made major purchase investments without truly understanding all the details involved in homeownership of a vacation property. This same experience was echoed when she bought her first American home with her husband in 2006. Through that process, Milena was excited about purchasing a home, but frustrated by the lack of guidance they received about the market and home buying process.

Milena knew there was a better way to service clients like herself and those she worked for. Milena also saw the potential in the Orlando real estate market, specifically in the vacation rentals sector. With her background in marketing, sales, and hospitality, she knew combining that with real estate would be the perfect fit. Milena got to work researching everything she could learn about the vacation-homes market so she could help customers in a way that would truly serve them. In 2014, she started Viva Orlando

Today, Viva Orlando is a business built around Milena’s values of hard work, respect, and integrity. For Milena, being upfront and honest about potential investments is a critical part of her job. She believes a good real estate agent will be there for you, even after the home closes.

Those values extend to the entire Viva Orlando team; Since she started Viva Orlando, Milena has grown the company from just herself to a team she leads of 12 agents both locally and internationally.

Milena also believes in the growth of Orlando and sees the potential of this city for potential investors both domestically and abroad. In addition, Milena will hold international customer’s hands through the home buying process in America. She believes having a good real estate agent in your corner who understand the buying process will help you succeed with your investment objectives.

Milena’s goal is to help her customers make the right investment decision for them and their families. She spends much of her time, when not with customers, researching new areas, types of homes, and analyzing the market so she can be the best resource of information to her clients. Milena wants to ensure that, with Viva Orlando’s help, her clients can achieve their goals with their investment property.

As a Christian woman, in her free time, Milena finds purpose giving back to her community. She spends time fighting Human and Sex trafficking in Central Florida and abroad. She volunteers her time in a safe home in Central Florida and travels to the Dominican Republic for mission trips. Her care and love for helping people extends into all parts of her life.