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Raisa Rivas, Florida Licensed Real Estate Sales Associate

Are you looking for a vacation property to invest in Orlando or are you looking for a great property in this beautiful city to live permanently? In both cases I’m happy to help you to find your dream house.

I’m a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Florida. As Realtor I belong to the National Association of Realtors, Orlando Regional Realtors Association and the Florida Association of Realtors.

I began to feel passion and enthusiasm about the Orlando’s Theme Parks, and all Orlando has to offer when I visited many times as a tourist and as a Travel Editor, that specializes in Orlando. But at the same time I develop great enthusiasm for Orlando’s lifestyle and that’s why I moved here. Prior to get my Real Estate License in Florida, in 2006, I had the Puerto Rico Real Estate License.

Living in Orlando for almost ten years, I can talk with you about the lifestyle, about how to relocate here and the great things that the city has to offer for its residents of all ages.

Ask me about it and I will be glad to tell you how is to live in Orlando. But if you just want to visit us and are thinking about to buy a vacation home as an investment, ask me too. I’m an expert in the tourism field as well (my other passion) and I have a great knowledge about how to have a great vacation here, buy a home and rent for other visitors, the perfect combination, right?

My other passions? Travel and write about my trips around the world, Orlando’s attractions and the real estate industry.

Call or email me: I will help you to make your dreams come true!

Website: www.orlandovipvacationsandhomes.com

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