Are you visiting Orlando for the Holidays? Don’t miss the opportunity to know more about the fantastic offers on properties for sale.

If you’re part of the millions of visitors that are planning to visit in the coming weeks for your Holidays vacations, I’m sure that you will make memories that last forever. You, your family, and friends that visit us will have an unforgettable trip. Our city is more beautiful than ever during the Christmas season and there are hundreds of activities to choose from. Many visitors fall in love with our city, and they don’t live without planning to come back. Is not a surprise that many of them started to think about investing in a property here before they leave or shortly after they arrive at their homes.

We know that because many buyers call us to purchase a home within a couple of months after their initial visit to Disney or other parks. If you are considering that, why not take advantage of your visit and know more about the properties and communities that we have here? Let me tell you that there are fantastic opportunities in properties for investors and homeowners, and this is a great time to find a nice property, with the correct price and many incentives for buyers. There are new homes or homes for resale, that are vacation properties or for long-term rentals, which is also a good choice as there is a great demand for rental properties, as we continue to receive thousands of families and individuals that are moving here.

While you are here on vacation, we can set an appointment and meet you in our office, which will be open during the Holidays Season, or talk by phone and answer all your questions about the lifestyle in Orlando and the properties that are available for sale. Most important, we can show you properties that are for sale, in new communities and resales, and you will see the lifestyle that all of them provide and make a comparison between every kind of property.

The Great Orlando is a really big area, with surrounding cities, and is not only Walt Disney World and all the theme parks. Is important that you know about the most convenient one for you, depending on what type of investment you want to do. We can show you beautiful vacation homes, that are very close to Walt Disney World or residential properties where you can live permanently, with great schools and amenities for you and your family. In those communities, you can also do long-term rentals if you’re not going to live here.

Orlando is one of the fastest-growing regions in the United States. It means you can see a community that has been built during your visit to our city, and in the coming months, you can see the properties completely built and ready to move or to rent. You can take advantage of the lower prices and incentives if you buy during the construction process and just need to make a deposit and you paid the full amount when the property is ready.

All the Theme Parks have special Holidays Events. The parks of Walt Disney World Resorts (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom), and Disney Springs have activities for the Christmas season. Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and Legoland, also have wonderful activities.

Enjoy your magical vacations here, visit the theme parks (more beautiful than ever), and dream about being an owner of a beautiful home for your next vacation. Our expert team of Viva Orlando Realty will help you to make your dream come true.




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