Orlando investment homes

Orlando and the 5 best cities to invest in rental properties

On some other posts, I have mentioned to you the large number of individuals and families who have decided to move throughout Central Florida, especially Orlando and other major surrounding cities. Without a doubt, it is one of the results of the pandemic, which has brought a great transformation to the world, and which in…

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Homebuyers and businesses are growing in Florida

You have always heard that it is impressive how many people from all over the world move to Florida every week, especially to our Central Florida area, where Greater Orlando and all its surrounding cities are located. According the Orlando Economic Partnership, the Orlando region is welcoming more than one thousand new residents a week,…

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Casas para rentar en Orlando

Is Orlando the new Silicon Valley?

As Central Florida residents, we feel really proud of the achievements of this beautiful place where we chose to live. Every day, we confirm that this is the ideal place to live with our families and friends, develop our businesses and achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves.  That’s why when we learned…

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