Viva Orlando casa

You can buy your property in Orlando without having to travel

Orlando remains one of the most attractive places in the world to buy a property. It can be an investment property (for long term rental), your dream vacation home or your primary residence, there are numerous communities that have all the amenities and lifestyle that you are looking for. And many buyers and investors, who…

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This is the best time to buy a brand new home in Orlando

If you, as many of our clients are considering buying a property in Orlando, as permanent residence, vacation home or as investment, is important to know that the time to do that is right now. According to the Orlando Regional Realtor Association, Orlando’s annual median home price for 2019 was $242,000, which is 4.1% higher…

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Orlando and corona virus

The 3 most important trends to know about Orlando in 2020

If your resolutions for 2020 included to visit Orlando or know more about the opportunities that our city can offer to you? We have great news for you! Florida has eight economic development regions and Greater Orlando belongs to the East Central one, with technology and tourism as the primary economic drivers here. In our…

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