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Dining in Orlando: Eat Like a Local

It’s really easy to grab a bite at the closest place to eat while on vacation. However, if you’re a foodie and want to get a taste of what the locals love in Orlando, plan to include some of these restaurants on your next vacation. Orlando Knows BBQ First, Orlando is in the south. So,…

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About Milena Valle, Broker for Viva Orlando Realty, Inc.

Growing up in El Salvador, Milena is no stranger to adversity. As a survivor of war, earthquakes, poverty and all that entails, Milena learned how to face challenges at a young age. Raised by a strong mother, who instilled the values of hard work, integrity, and care for others, Milena developed a strong sense of…

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What to consider when buying investment property in Orlando

One hallmark of U.S. real estate is the fact that personal property rights are held sacred, and those rights are extended equally to foreign nationals whether you own an owner-occupy or investment property. If you are ready and want to get into the world of owning rental properties, we invite you to consider a few…

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Plan Next Business Retreat in an Orlando Vacation Home

Vacation Homes have been growing in popularity for years now. In fact, according to a Trip Advisor survey, 67% of respondents said they planned to stay in a vacation home last year. While families are increasingly turning to vacation homes for their family trip, there is another great use for the supersized vacation homes: business…

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