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Orlando vacation rental deals

Why should you invest in a vacation home in Orlando now?

I can only say that there has never been a better time to own your second/vacation home in Orlando. Orlando Real Estate prices are incredibly affordable, the variety of properties is fabulous, from new to existing homes and the vacation rental industry is back in business!  Vacation home properties are one of the most popular forms…

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Buy a property now in Margaritaville, the new mega resort of Central Florida

Imagine buying a property where you can vacation in a tropical island environment, having it rented for tourists and both you and the guests, enjoying all the benefits of a world-class resort. Sounds wonderful, right? In Central Florida we have a new mega-resort destination that meets all those expectations. It is Margaritaville Resort, that was…

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The Best-Performing Orlando Vacation-Rental Homes

Let’s talk about the super-sized vacation homes While, in the past, properties with four to six bedrooms were the norm when buying vacation homes in Central Florida, in today’s market, supersized spaces are quickly outselling smaller properties as these big homes are exactly what international and domestic customers have been looking for. According to the…

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Davenport Florida Worth the Real Estate Investment

Just a few miles south of Orlando, you will find the beautiful small town of Davenport, Florida. Located 10 miles west of Walt Disney World with ample shopping and dining and a small-town feel, Davenport is a popular area for Vacation homes investments. One of the main reasons Davenport is quickly becoming the destination for…

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