Covid-19 has made Orlando the city of choice for many U.S and Internationals families

More and more people are moving to Orlando every week. At Viva Orlando Rentals, we continue renting our Casas para rentar en Orlandohomes to families relocating from other States or countries, many times site unseeing.
This means Orlando is not only the new destination of choice for tenants and home owners, but it represents a unique opportunity for real estate investors looking to purchase their first residential rental property or grow your rental-homes portfolio.
We believe even after Covid-19 is gone, Orlando will continue attracting professionals and families who seek to call this beautiful city home. With the new high tech innovation NeoCity, the Lake Nona Medical Center, US Tennis Association, a world-class arts community, a thriving startup ecosystem, close proximity to the beaches, and an average year-round temperature of 75, it is the perfect location for everyone whom enjoys the outdoor lifestyle; no wonder this beautiful area is home to one of the fastest growing Metro markets for real estate investing.
For years people from all over the world have been flocking to Central Florida to invest in rental properties. It is one of the hottest markets in the country and has shown solid returns for over a decade.
Our team is multi-lingual and can serve you with any budget you are looking to start or continue investing
Whether you are buying the vacation home you dreamed about, a long term rental, or a residential property, our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable approach will instill confidence in your wise decision.