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Five Things You Need to Know For Your Next Orlando Vacation

Viva Orlando RealtyPlanning a vacation to Central Florida Soon?

Here are 5 things you need to know before you grab your flip flops and hop on a plane. 

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen!

Florida isn’t the Sunshine state for nothing. Remember to lather up with sunscreen and wear protective clothing (hats, sunglasses, etc) when visiting. Otherwise you’ll return home a bright shade of red. Even when it’s cloudy, you can (and probably will) get burned. 

Is it Summer? Then Plan for Rain

Even with all the sunshine, Florida gets if fair share of rain too, especially in the summer afternoons. Be prepared and purchase a poncho before you get to the parks. Try to purchase them at a dollar store where you can find ones for only a few bucks. If you try to purchase a poncho in the park once it starts raining, you’ll find it will probably cost you many times more. 

It’s a Driving City, Don’t Skip the Car

Florida is a big state, and even if you only plan to stay in the Central Florida area, you probably need to consider renting a car. There are beautiful beaches about an hour drive from Orlando, and you can’t get to them if you don’t have a vehicle to drive. Even if you have transportation to and from the theme parks, it may be difficult to just walk to a nearby store, or even do some shopping with out a car at your disposal. 

Viva Orlando Realty HomesBuyer Beware—Don’t Just Purchase Park Tickets From Anyone

There are many places that claim to sell discount Disney or Universal tickets. They’re everywhere from strip malls to gas stations. However, always make sure you purchase tickets from a reputable dealer. Disney and Universal tickets are none transferable and are connected to your finger print. There are a lot of scam discount ticket places that will sell counterfeit or partially used tickets to unassuming guest. If you get caught with a bad ticket, you won’t be let into the park, and you’ll be out of the all the money you spent on the bad tickets. 

Slow Down and Take a Rest Day (or Two!)

Since there is so much to see, it’s easy to overbook yourself and family. If you can, consider making your trip a bit long, and incorporate rest days into the vacation. Spending day after day in the parks in the hot Florida sun can get exhausting, but a nice afternoon or a full day just hanging out by the pool (especially if you have a private pool at your vacation home) is the best way to recover from the long days at the theme parks. 

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