Generate excellent rental income, stress free with Viva Orlando Realty, A One Stop Shop for your investment property.

Surely you know that Orlando is an excellent place to invest in one or several properties and generate great rental income. Our city receives thousands of families that decided to relocate here and these newcomers and another Orlando Residents create a huge demand for rentals property. But if you invest in a property here and live out of town, of the State or out of the country, you need to maintain your peace of mind and not have to worry about the responsibilities that come with the rent. You deserve to make a worry free investment and Viva Orlando is here to help you to achieve that goal.

As you probably know, this is a great time to invest in a property in Orlando, as we have better inventory than we had since the beginning of 2022 or all of 2021. Thanks to this, you can choose as an investment property, the one that you like best and fits your budget.
For those that need to rent a property, the situation is the opposite. There are a very limited number of properties available for long-term rental. That’s why when you market a rental property, you’ll find that you’ll have plenty of prospects calling you from the first moment you put up the rental ad.
These prospects will not only need to go to see the property. They will also need to qualify and have a successful background check that will validate them as the ideal person to be your tenant.
After you receive the application, the deposit payment from the selected candidate and sign the contract, you will need to start collecting the monthly rent and also handle everything related to the maintenance
that the property or its equipment needs.

That’s a big job that will either take up a lot of your time or require a property management office that has the experience to do it! Let Viva Orlando take care of this entire process!
As a One Time Shop for your investment property, among the benefits we offer you is that you can count on us from the first step, that is, to purchase the property. We can show you fantastic opportunities in investment properties.
Once you purchase the property, we start the marketing process to find you the right tenant and when it is already rented, we will continue to collect your monthly rent and take care of the necessary maintenance.

We will establish a positive relationship with tenants and keep you informed of every step of the process, and everything related to your property. That’s peace of mind!. If you already have the property, we can also work with you to manage it. If you are planning to be a real estate investor, the time is perfect to acquire, grow and consolidate your business. And we are here to help you.
The services we provide will give you the opportunity to invest in properties and grow your capital over the years.

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