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Is Orlando the new Silicon Valley?

As Central Florida residents, we feel really proud of the achievements of this beautiful place where we chose to live. Every day, we confirm that this is the ideal place to live with our families and friends, develop our businesses and achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves. 

That’s why when we learned about the NeoCity project, just minutes away from Orlando, we know that this will be a development that will mark a turning point and mark a difference in the history of Central Florida. 

The design and development of Neocity, in Osceola, which was created in 1887 and includes the cities of Kissimmee and St. Cloud, has put us even more on the world map. Many are already wondering whether NeoCity will make that Central Florida will be considered the new Silicon Valley. As you know, this is the name of the global technology hub, located in San Francisco Bay, which is a place for opportunities and innovation that is the “home” of Facebook, Google and Apple, among other large companies of world recognition.

To know that many people around the world are already considering that we will have our “Silicon Valley” here is wonderful. Why there are many people thinking of that? Because NeoCity is a 500-acre tech district, minutes away from Orlando, where the world’s tech giants are expected to be. This will be the place that everybody that is related to technology will be talking about for many years, and is right here, in Central Florida. Although the project will be develop in phases that will be completed in 50 years, it has already shown that it has everything that will be needed to have our region in the top level. 

Strategically located in the same corridor that we have airports, trains, ports and aerospace facilities, by definition it is a global center for the research and development of smart sensors, photonics and nanotechnology, which will concentrate a highly talented workforce because will bring together professionals from all over the world who will come here attracted by the high level of the jobs it will offer. 

But the concept goes much further than that, since its master development plan highlights that these lands, located on the edge of Lake Tohopekaliga, will be developed in a sustainable way and that NeoCity will create a great network with the growing population of Orlando. According to the plan, this will be a walkable place, that will connect people back with the community around the natural environment, thanks to its open spaces, extensive bike lanes, walking trails, water and parks.

To achieve this, local authorities and private companies have already started a great campaign to make this “new technological city” known around the world and attract dozens of large companies, including the well-known LG, which has been mentioned as one that is showing interest in being represented there.

As you can see, the importance of NeoCity is not only in the technology field. This city, full of important companies, will also impact the entire region. Thousands of people will move to our area, bringing economic growth that will benefit all of Central Florida and its residents. We will see new residential communities, hotels, attractions, schools and at the same time a growing infrastructure, with new roads, bridges and that services that the new residents will need. 

This will help all of us who live in the region, bringing more job and business opportunities. Children and young people will also benefit, and we can talk about some important things that will bring NeoCity to them. In 2019 the NeoCity Academy was open. This school is based on a STEM curriculum (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), encouraging projects and research, for students who believe that the world can be a better place and that they can make it happen through their creative ideas. The academy is part of the Osceola School District, and currently offers instruction to youth in grades 9-12.

As an interesting fact, although we are considered the World Capital of Theme Parks, for having the most famous theme parks in the world, such as Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld, among others, we were also already considered as an icon of technology.

For many years, we have strong innovation hubs thanks to the thousands of engineering, game design and simulation professionals that wanted to move here to be at the epicenter of professional action, and learn from the true creative minds behind these great companies. 

In addition to living here, many others come to study here or to improve their skills or to have graduate studies. Our Central Florida University is one of the largest in the United States, and is recognized worldwide for its tourism, optics and engineering programs, in addition to being selected in 2020, as the No. 1 graduate game design program in North America. For this reason, and because we are already a region where dozens of high-tech companies wanted to move or open an office here, many already call us “the Digital Valley”.

Osceola also had been ranked as the second fastest growing region in Florida and the seventh fastest growing in the entire United States. According to the official website of NeoCity, the county currently has a population of 325,300 people, and it is expected to double by 2040.

Can you imagine the high expectations that NeoCity is creating? The county has already invested more than $ 200 million in the construction of the Center for “Neovation”, formerly known as the Florida Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (FAMRC), which is like the foundation of NeoCity and has been started to make partnerships with institutions such as BRIDG, a non-profit organization, to manage and develop these facilities. Overall, Osceola County estimates NeoCity’s economic impact to be between $ 25.3 and $ 28.5 billion.

Although it will take a long time to see the project fully developed, I am sure that we have all the elements to exceed the standards with which NeoCity has been conceived and designed. We are going to show the world that we are a very progressive region, with world class entertainment, healthcare, technology, and highly sophisticated, high-paying jobs. New residents of all ages, including those with families with children and youth, will find fantastic schools, a wonderful weather all year round, nightlife, tasty restaurants and a growing number of cultural events that is a sign of the cultural diversity of our region. Thanks to our amazing location, we are close to beautiful cities in Florida, such as Miami, St. Augustine and Tampa, just to mention a few.

Neocity is a place to live / work / play area

Orlando investment homesTechnology is very important and we all know it, but we also recognize the priority of developing a lifestyle where we can have an excellent job, in the field that we like, but at the same time enjoy an extraordinary quality of life. That is a dream we all have. And NeoCity is designed with that in mind.

NeoCity is the area to live / work / play and for this to be achieved, it will have residential communities as part of the project. A residential development of 366 lots has already been preliminarily approved, to make a residential subdivision in NeoCity, and yes, that will bring closer a place where you can live and also work.

If you are wondering how this will help homeowners, the first thing to say is that there will be more demand for properties, because more people will move to Central Florida, attracted by the jobs, business opportunities, low taxes and low cost of living, compared to other places in the United States.

Therefore, many visionaries are buying properties now, to take advantage of these prices and these advantages, and have their home increase in value as time goes by. Very close to NeoCity there are multiple property developments with a wide price range and this is the time to buy, before those prices continue to rise.

People who want to live close to that technological hub, should start now looking at their options. You will find neighborhoods with very modern properties, recreational and sports facilities for all, and nearby schools. It is also a great time for those who want to invest in properties that want to rent for the long term. Already in Central Florida we have a high demand for rental housing, and in that particular area, it is projected that there will be a great interest in homes for rent, since many new residents will come and many of them prefer to rent first until they find their best option to buy their homes.

Those looking for a home as a primary residence or those who want to invest to have long-term rental properties, can take advantage of pre-construction market opportunities. These take about six to eight months to build, but it guarantees the current price so you can take advantage of the opportunity of the good price, plus you can choose the home that you like the most.

There are also homes for resale, with properties that have been renovated and that have extras that are included in the price. In the area there are abundant green spaces, some of the homes have large backyards and many of them have private pools, which allow you to enjoy the fantastic Florida weather. You can also find townhomes, with the comfort of a house, but the benefits of a maintenance-free life outside, perfect for those who want to enjoy their home without having to take care of their garden or bakc. As you can see there’re many options, but also they are in high demand, as everyone is learning about the great investment potential in the areas around NeoCity.

If you are thinking of invest in a property to live or to rent, this is your best moment. We can show you all the new communities or resale properties that meet your expectations.

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