Moving to Orlando?

Moving to Orlando? Top things to know about living here

Orlando is a great place to live for many reasons. We’re the Theme Parks capital of the world, but we have so much more to offer to our residents beyond the world-renowned theme parks, as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.

Over the years, the city has welcomed thousands of families and individuals that move here, but since the pandemic, we have seen more newcomers that are attracted for the strong job market, higher education opportunities and the lifestyle that the city provides, including the impressive variety of communities where you can live.

If you are planning to move to Orlando, here’s what you need to know before you move:

Here you can find excellent opportunities in different job fields

We have seen a boom in corporate relocation and business expansion after start of the pandemic in 2020, because companies are looking for lower operating costs. But before that, our city has a solid story of opportunities in career fields like health and technology, as well as entertainment with hundreds of top companies to work for, including Fortune 500 companies.

If you’re a business owner or plan to open a new business, here you will find great resources to help you get established.

Our Real Estate market still hot and very competitive

It’s true that property values have risen in Orlando and surrounding cities, but buying a property in Orlando still a great investment. “The overall demand remains strong, and homes continue to sell quickly”, said Tansey Soderstrom, Orlando Regional Realtor Association President, in the State of the Market Report of April.

The Orlando’s diverse neighborhoods span a broad spectrum, from urban center of downtown Orlando, to the old Florida charm like Osceola County. Is important to work with a Real Estate professional that help you to find your ideal home in one of our unique and beautiful neighborhoods and help you to know more about the lifestyle and price range.

You will find top quality educational options

Orlando is the home of more than 35 colleges, universities and technical school. Among others, the University of Central Florida, the second largest in the United States, which even has its own School of Medicine. Other well-known are Full Sail University and Rollins College, but there are also excellent community colleges as Valencia College. Also, if you have kids, you should know that the educational system, public and private is top-notch!

Cultural diversity and a sunny destination

The Orlando region is known for its diversity, welcoming atmosphere and wonderful weather year-round. Also, the city has a cost of living lower than many other metropolitan areas in the United States and residents pay less taxes than other states.

If you live in Orlando, think about this: You are going to be living where others vacation. Take advantage of the fantastic opportunities and attractions that our city offers, but not as a tourist, enjoy it through the eyes of a permanent resident. You can get annual passes to the theme parks and special discounts on other attractions as Florida resident, when you have your official ID of the State, as driver’s license. You will also enjoy outdoor festivals, concerts from world renowned artist, great museum, nice beaches, (the closest is just 40 minutes away), and being in touch with the space, visiting the extraordinary Kennedy Space Center, on the Space Coast, which is very close to Orlando.

Do you want more? We have a growing food scene, (the city ranks among the best foodie cities in the US), also have beautiful natural parks surrounding the city and the wonderful weather allows you to enjoy biking, swimming or kayaking, among other outdoor sports. And if you want to travel and visit new places, the location of our city, in the Central Florida region, make travel easier by road or plane.

We are sure that here in Orlando you will find the perfect place to live, work or establish your business. As Orlando real estate specialists, we’re here to help you make the move to our Beautiful City. Call or email us today at