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Orlando and the 5 best cities to invest in rental properties

On some other posts, I have mentioned to you the large number of individuals and families who have decided to move throughout Central Florida, especially Orlando and other major surrounding cities. Without a doubt, it is one of the results of the pandemic, which has brought a great transformation to the world, and which in our case has resulted in a great growth of new residents. 

They don’t want to wait more, and have decided that this is the time to take the step of moving where they have always wanted. Many of them have bought residences, because they already have their new jobs or kept the ones they had and will work from home. However, thousands of them are looking for rental properties as they adjust to their new place of residence. In addition, there is a large number of people who already live here and need a property to rent, which makes this a great opportunity for those who wish to invest in a rental property.

This is why I can tell you that this is a great time to buy a property and rent it for the long term. The advantages of this type of investment included that your property will have equity, and you can expect to get a very good capital gain if you decide to sell in the future. But also another benefit is that you can buy with current prices and if you eventually decide to live it, you already have your property here. Another advantage? Long-term rentals represent an stable income for owners.

If you are thinking of buying to rent, here are the best options for cities where you can invest your money:


People and businesses continue moving to the Greater Orlando area. It’s the first name that comes to mind when it comes to investing in Central Florida. Is important that you know that Greater Orlando has many cities. If we talk just about Orlando, the city that belongs to Orange County, we find that there are numerous renowned communities and areas that you can consider. For example, Downtown Orlando, where you can find from the tallest buildings in the city, to new properties being built in very residential areas perfect for families. Our Downtown is in great demand especially by families or young professionals who like to walk to all the facilities, museums, restaurants and parks. There are condos of various sizes and prices, and individual houses, modern or old, with gardens and many of them with private pools, which are aimed at buyers with a large budget than the location and tradition of the Historic Center. Very close to there are Winter Park and College Park, small cities that almost integrate with the Downtown, and also highly desired by those who like to live well, centrally and mostly in luxury properties.

Orlando also has areas such as the well-known Lake Nona, also called Medical City. It is a large area of ​​land that has mainly beautiful residences aimed at families looking to enjoy the outdoor environment, impressive sports facilities and fantastic schools, and access to the main communication routes. The name alone already guarantees that you will have numerous people interested in renting your property to you there, including groups of medical and science professionals, who work in some of the main hospitals in the city, which are based within the same community.

There is also the eastern area, a very desirable area, where there are mainly properties for resale that generate great interest to those looking to rent. Also is full of fantastic schools and facilities for the whole family, shopping and minutes from Universal Central Florida, (UCF). There are numerous communities there where you can buy a property that will be rented out immediately. 

It is a well-known area located very close to Interstate 4, (I-4) and US 27, which makes it minutes from the Walt Disney World parks and in the vicinity of Winter Heaven, where Legoland Florida is located.

 This city, which belongs to Polk County, has seen impressive growth in recent years, and is a perfect example of a mixed zone because here you will find numerous communities for vacation rentals. But in addition Davenport has completely residential neighborhoods, very modern and with amenities for the whole family, and also has new schools. It is where one of the best prices for properties is still achieved, and for that reason, and because of its location, it is one of the areas where local residents are looking to invest.

Winter Garden

This charming city is thriving with its residential development but at the same time is also attracting large commercial investors, who are doing shopping centers, private hospitals and building perfect communities for the whole family.

A tour of Winter Garden will impress you for the number of projects under construction you will see, which include not only communities but also new access, amenities for residents of all ages and many new business from young entrepreneurs.This is where Hamlin is, an extensive planned community of 900 acres, the third of more growth throughout the nation, composed of luxury housing, shops and amenities. There are already numerous families that live there in beautiful single family homes and luxury apartments, but the area has brought great growth to the entire city of Winter Garden, which is now on the map of buyers from around the world that want to acquire a home there.

Among the attractions of this city are its fantastic location, minutes from Walt Disney World, and recreational and commercial areas to enjoy as the Winter Garden Village and the new Hamlin Town Center.


Living in Windermere is like to live in the backyard of Walt Disney World, because many residents from this luxury city even can watch from their own homes the fireworks of the Disney Parks. It is a sophisticated and elegant area with well known and excellent schools, public and private . There are numerous communities, all modern and many of them ultra-luxury. 

You will even find some of the most expensive mansions in Florida, whose owners are celebrities.  However, you can find a variety of condos, townhomes and single homes at competitive prices and some of them are new construction or resale projects. For those who purchase a home in Windermere, the good investment is guaranteed, and will generate great demand on many tenants seeking the luxury and amenities offered by this city, considered on numerous occasions one of the best places to live in Florida.


Did you know that the Walt Disney World parks are not in Orlando, but in Kissimmee? This popular city, which is practically linked to Orlando, as is the case with many others, is where the grounds of these famous parks really are. Therefore, it is not surprising that it has been considered the mecca of vacation homes, where the first large projects of houses for short-term rent began. From being a small city, its history changed with the opening of the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s first park in 1971, which immediately doubled its population.

But Kissimmee, located in Osceola County, is much more than that. The city has developed greatly residential communities of houses, apartments and townhomes of various prices. From slightly affordable houses to some huge and luxurious ones, surrounded by hotels, attractions and facilities for residents, that all together make Kissimmee a vibrant city that many choose to live in.

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