Plan Next Business Retreat in an Orlando Vacation Home

Vacation Homes have been growing in popularity for years now. In fact, according to a Trip Advisor survey, 67% of respondents said they planned to stay in a vacation home last year. While families are increasingly turning to vacation homes for their family trip, there is another great use for the supersized vacation homes: business retreats.

Many companies love the idea of business retreats because it allows the staff to get out of the everyday grind of an office and travel somewhere everyone can concentrate on big picture company objections, team building, and annual overviews. It can also serve as a way to treat top employees for their hard work.
For business retreats and meetings, consider booking a supersized vacation home instead of the traditional hotel/conference room. Because Orlando is a major tourist destination, there are plenty of inexpensive flights from all over the country and the world. This makes it a great destination for business retreats too (who doesn’t love a bit of sunshine and a chance to get out of the office?). In addition, there are plenty of group activities you can plan in the area for the whole group too.

Supersized vacation homes are perfect for business use because you can sleep everyone in your staff in one space (many homes can sleep ten or more people comfortably). Imagine booking one place for your entire staff at a fraction of the cost.
Save money on conference space too! Hotels rooms aren’t ideal for meeting space, but vacation homes are. Instead of booking additional conference room space, pick a vacation home that is already equipped with a dining room table big enough to seat everyone. It can work double duty between meal time and meeting time.
Additional amenities like private pools and game rooms, along with common space for everyone to enjoy will give your staff more opportunities to bond during their free time.

You’ll also be able to cut down on the food costs since you won’t be required to purchase food as part of the meeting room package. Instead, stock the refrigerator with employees’ preferences at a fraction of the cost.

When you plan your next retreat–instead of the boring, expensive hotel route–choose a vacation home instead. The homes at Casa Floridian (our sister company) will offer all the luxuries of a hotel, but at fraction of the cost. Feel free to contact Milena if you have any questions,