411 Muirfield Loop

411 Muirfield Loop

411, Muirfield Loop, Reunion Resort, Osceola County, Florida, 34747, United States

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4574 sq ft
Year Built
Lot Size
9148 sq ft


Stunning Reunion home in Legends Corner with TRANSFERABLE RESORT MEMBERSHIP! This 6 bedroom masterpiece has everything a vacation home should. Newly renovated themed bedrooms game room/theater and loft. Situated on the esteemed Jack Nicolaus golf course, the view from the pool is like no other. Not only is the pool deck extended but there’s also a rooftop sun deck up from the spiral staircase! Walking past the summer kitchen from the pool, you enter the French doors to the main living area. To the left, you will find the first of 2 roomy master bedrooms. This one has a sitting area with a view of the pool. It connects to a gorgeous bathroom with a garden tub, separate shower, 2 separate sink areas, and a walk-in closet. Past the living room and kitchen, you will find 2 more well-appointed bedrooms. Just off the foyer, you will find the theater/games room. Once upstairs, a pool table adorns the loft area that leads to 2 themed bedrooms and a second master bedroom. The first is a Marvel-themed room with a hidden game area that you can get to via a slide or crawl space. The second is Belle’s little village from Beauty and the Beast with incredible details. On the other side of the loft is the upstairs master bedroom with tons of light from the 4 windows and french doors that lead to the upper sun deck. The bathroom has another garden tub, a separate shower, 2 separate sink areas, and a walk-in closet


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