Real Estate Company Helps Foreign Investors Grow Investments through Long-term Property Management Services

CELEBRATION, FL, FEBRUARY 15, 2018—According to a survey by the National Apartment Association and RealPage, Orlando ranked second among markets most likely to experience increased rent growth in the next year. Additionally, in 2017, average rent prices were $1,170 per month according to a report by the firm Zumper a 5% increase from prices in 2016. While rental prices are increasing in the region, Orlando still has some of the most affordable housing prices in the United States with average home prices around $250K.

This unique dynamic between rental prices and real estate costs creates the perfect scenario for investors who want to purchase properties with long term earning potential. While the value of the home appreciates, rental income can provide additional income sources.

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However, many owners are turning to full service property management companies that can manage the day to day needs of long term rental tenants. This is especially true for foreign investors who want to increase their income earnings, but don’t have the resources to manage tenants themselves. Viva Orlando, a real estate company based in Celebration Florida, has specialized in helping these customers.

When investors hire Viva Orlando to manage their properties, the staff works to find qualified tenants to live in their client’s properties. They are able to do all the marketing, and background checks on any potential renter. Once the ideal tenant is found; everything including rental payments and work requests will be processed through an online management system.

Plus, when maintenance issues arise on properties, Viva Orlando leverages its own network of recommended vendors and negotiates the best price with quality vetted vendors for their owner. This saves the investor time and energy from sourcing qualified contractors themselves, especially when they live internationally. “Their investment is our priority,” Peter Quinones, Viva Orlando’s long-term rentals coordinator, says. “That’s our view when managing the long-term management side of the business.”
Windsor at Westside homeWith the electronic portal, owners are able to easily collect rent payments in USD. Plus, they can see reports about their property’s income, maintenance issues, and accounting resources throughout the year. With easy access to information, investors can check up on whatever they need to and communicate effortlessly with Viva Orlando’s staff.

Finally, unlike other companies who take a contract fee monthly regardless of the property’s status, Viva Orlando only collects fees when the property is occupied by a tenant. This incentivizes them to keep the property full at all times with qualified paying tenants, a win-win for investors who want the same.

Viva Orlando’s property management services gives investors another income source for their real estate investment without the work of being a landlord. It’s just another way they help their clients grow their investments in smart strategic ways.

About Viva Orlando
Viva Orlando is a family owned full-service real estate company that specializes in the vacation real estate market in the greater Orlando area. They have been servicing clients all over the US and worldwide interested in purchasing Central Florida real estate for the past 10 years. They are experts in vacation and investment real estate. They also manage long-term rental properties for through For more information about Viva Orlando, please visit, or contact the owner Milena Valle directly by email: or call 407.922.4620.