This is the best time to buy a brand new home in Orlando

If you, as many of our clients are considering buying a property in Orlando, as permanent residence, vacation home or as investment, is important to know that the time to do that is right now. According to the Orlando Regional Realtor Association, Orlando’s annual median home price for 2019 was $242,000, which is 4.1% higher than the 2018 annual median price of $232,500, which means prices are getting higher. Why wait any longer?

If your decision is made, probably the next step is evaluate which is the best property for you, and one of the questions we received most frequently is which is the best option, a new home or a resale, (a property that was previously owned).

Although the decision will depend of many factors, at this time, I would like to explain the process of buying a new construction home and the benefits that you can have when one of our dedicated team of experts of Viva Orlando Realty, represented you. Is important to know that we will be with you from the beginning thru the all steps of the transaction, and our service is completely free to you.

Over the years we have develop a strong relationships with the most trusted home builders in Orlando. We have met with them, visit their communities and we have access to the benefits that they offer to buyers. But more than that, we also know what other benefits can be available, and we can negotiate for you better prices and conditions, among these incentives (as closing costs or money for upgrades). By knowing all the communities, we offer you all the options around the city, not only one so that you can   compare and find the ideal property and the best value for your money. 

The process of buying a new home, identifying the communities and choosing the perfect property can be complex, but again, we are experts in the local market and here to help you.

Here are some benefits of buying a new construction property:

It smells like new! You and your family (or tenants) are going to be the first residents.

You can customize and add some personal touches. Depending of the builder, you can choose the kitchen cabinets color and accessories, made some changes to the bathroom, have the floor that you like, and even having the wall painted in your favorite color palette. You can also choose the location and the size of the lot.

When you move it, you won’t have to do anything. The house will be ready to move and in perfect conditions. If something needs to be fix, you will have the full warranty.

Best of all, the air condition unit, all the appliances and accessories included in the sale, are not only brand new and modern, they came with full warranty. 

New homes also means modern contemporary styles to satisfy today’s buyer. They have open floor plans, abundance of natural lights, modern and eat-in kitchen and are more energy efficient, which help not only the environment, also your budget.

There are excellent communities with beautiful homes and condos and great amenities that are currently under construction or ready to move. Take advantage of today prices and benefits, including separating your home by paying only a deposit for it. Don’t wait more! Call or email us today: – 407.922.4620