What to expect in new homes construction in Orlando

We’re looking the next generation of homes in our city of Orlando, which remains one of the strongest housing markets in the nation. While we continue visiting the new communities, looking for the perfect home for our buyers, we found that homebuilders here are building homes for the way that you want to live, including in new constructions the great features that the future homeowners expected. These are really good news because it means, you’re going to find not only beautiful homes, but you’re also going to find the perfect home that fits your and your family needs.

According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), homebuyer preferences have continued to reverse trends in home building as builders work to respond to new interests in the wake of COVID-19.

They found that there is an increased desire for bigger homes, suburban locations and more outdoor amenities.

These are the reasons why the builders are not only offering new home designs, but they’re also building bigger homes with an average size of 2,524, with 4 bedrooms and 3+ full bathrooms.

Let’s look to some trends that we have noticed

Properties are bigger. As I said before this a trend that we have seen specially after the pandemic. Why have we seen this huge demand for bigger homes? Because millions of people will continue to work remotely from home and are going to spend more time there. In addition to look for the comfort that big spaces provide, families prefer to have a room for each child and want a guest room, because they know that here in Orlando, they will receive family and friends as guests. If the guest room has its own bathroom, that home will be a winner.

Everybody is looking for a big flex space. In the last decade we found that many homes have an open den or family room, but now size matter more than ever. Some couples work together from home, and that’s why they are looking for a space at least for two desks and office furniture. Talking with many prospects, they told us that they need an office space with privacy for meetings or that can be transform in a close office.  This in in addition to the great rooms that many homes have and are mostly used for watching TV,  play with kids or for a personal gym.

Finally! We found more options for multi generational families. Another trend that the NAHB found for this year is that millennials and Gen Xers are also looking for homes with modern or contemporary exteriors designed for multiple generations. If you are looking for a property like this, we have great news: In Orlando we started to see more new communities with some properties that have apartments or at least modern in-law suites, with private entry. This is a great addition for multigenerational families or for people that want to have income from their properties while living there, if the community allows.

Trends that continue from recent years. There are some features that aren’t new but are homebuyer’s favorites that we’re going to continue looking in new homes this year. Among them are the walk-in closets, huge in the master bedroom, but also important in other rooms. Walk-in pantries are important as well. Talking about favorites, the big kitchen will be always a hit, and if it comes with a huge island, buyers will love it. Buyers also like outdoor spaces to enjoy after work, a community with outdoor amenities and walking trails. Is also important that the property includes smart homes features, for safety and security and be an energy efficiency home.

If you like another type of home, or are looking for smaller family homes, you will find your perfect home too. Call us today and let us help to find yours. – 407.922.4620