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You can buy your property in Orlando without having to travel

Viva Orlando casaOrlando remains one of the most attractive places in the world to buy a property. It can be an investment property (for long term rental), your dream vacation home or your primary residence, there are numerous communities that have all the amenities and lifestyle that you are looking for. And many buyers and investors, who don’t live here, are ready to go ahead with plans to buy a home now, but wondering if they have to postpone it, because they can’t travel due to coronavirus restrictions.

Although flights to and from many destinations are already being reinstated, if you can’t travel, you can move forward, because it’s perfectly possible to purchase the home of your dreams in Orlando, although you can’t visit our city. 

In our office we are working with clients right now as we did with many others in the past years, doing  most of their purchase procedures remotely.

Experienced realtor OrlandoWe will provide all the support you need from our office. We take care of the entire initial orientation process, and all the steps that included the purchase, as send the information of all available homes according to your budget, completing document procedures, ordering or following up on appraisal and inspection, and for the final step, the closing. 

You will receive the information and documentation instantly, thanks to the latest technology and online platforms as FaceTime, Skype and WhatsApp. We send our buyers from drone tours to aerial photos, virtual tours, videos, photos of the properties and all the documents they need.

Most of our clients are foreign investors with whom we usually maintain remote contact. Many come from Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina, and others from Canada, England, and other European countries.

Currently one of our buyers signed a contract to purchase a beautiful nine bedroom, five bathroom vacation property with a private pool and fabulous kitchen. This property, with all modern comforts, is in a luxurious, gated resort with extraordinary recreational facilities. Our buyer plan to come to the closing to see his house, but if he couldn’t due to flight restrictions, we would close with a remote notary.

We know that the coronavirus lockdown will have a huge economic impact, but Orlando, which is the most visited city in the United States year after year, continues to have its famous theme parks and attractions and receiving millions of tourists from around the world. In addition, the value of properties is much reasonable, than other large cities, including Florida, such as Miami, so many investors decide to put their money in a solid business with income-producing assets as the purchase of properties.

If you are looking for investment opportunities in vacation homes, properties for long term rentals (with an excellent return) or as your primary residence, call me today. At Viva Orlando Realty we are local specialists, with more than 15 years of experience buying, selling and renting properties in Orlando and Central Florida.

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