Whether you are investing in rental property, buying the vacation home you dreamed about or your primary residence, we are your team!

Viva Orlando Realty, a real estate firm who is experienced in working with international and out of town clients; and will thoughtfully explain, guide you and stay with you during the buying and ownership of your property.

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Long Term Rental Property Investment

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Primary Residence in Central Florida

Clients from all over the world come to us when they are ready to find the ideal investment property that will provide a desired economic return or the best vacation home for their enjoyment.

Reading online doesn’t provide the same level of knowledge working with an experienced real estate professional would, however. 

You need to be confident that we can provide the knowledge on the vast Central Florida investment real estate market. We present you with objective information and the best options to help you achieve your goals and dreams. We treat you with integrity while offering our skill and knowledge to help you through the due diligence process and follow through with purchase and property management solutions.

We have helped hundreds of clients succeed by investing in properties that provide a great economic return or the vacation home they dream about.

We will make you a pro in Orlando Real Estate Investment!